Innovations for Transforming Healthcare

Healthcare needs to change. At Symbyos, we believe that the key is to develop transparent systems which empower people with information and choices, educate and encourage better communication, and restore trust through stronger doctor/patient relationships.

Transforming healthcare for general medicine is an extremely complex problem, but is something that can be accomplished in dentistry. And perhaps the methods and lessons learned in dentistry can eventually be used to tackle even more complex healthcare problems.

Since 2001, Symbyos has built systems and components which empowers people to be active participants in their healthcare. Two of our dental industry components are currently available:

For patients gives patients unbiased information about dental symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment options.

For dental professionals

We license videos to help dental professionals quickly deliver unbiased oral health information on prevention topics, dental diagnoses, and dental treatment options. Communicating with patients, giving them choices, as well as allowing them to be active participants in their dental healthcare decisions are keys to building enduring relationships founded on trust. Visit to learn more and to license videos.

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