Consumer-Empowered Health Care

Healthcare needs to change, and new, innovative solutions are required. I believe that the key is to develop systems which empower people with information, choice, and transparency. At Symbyos, we call it consumer-empowered health care, and it is far wider-reaching in scope and impact than a simple Health Savings Account. Creating consumer-empowered health care for general medicine is an extremely complex problem, but is something that can be accomplished in dentistry. And perhaps the methods and lessons learned in dentistry can eventually be used to tackle even more complex healthcare problems.

In 1997, I first realized that corporate self-funding of dental benefits could not only save a company a lot of money over dental insurance premiums, but that it also led to increased choices regarding dentists and dental procedures, far less confusion about benefits, increased understanding of costs, better doctor/patient relationships, and overall happier employees and their families. It empowers people to be active participants in their healthcare. My company at the time implemented a simple version of employer self-funded dental benefits with great success – and I’ve never looked back.

There are many components of a viable consumer-empowered oral healthcare system. Since 2003, Symbyos has built many of these components, and we are current building more.

But this is no small task. It is not something one company can do alone. I am seeking to collaborate with like-minded individuals and companies who are striving to use technology and the Web to bring consumerism to healthcare. Please contact me via the link at the bottom of the page. I look forward to meeting you!

Ken Lambrecht
President, Symbyos

Two of our consumer-empowered health care modules are currently available:

For patients gives patients unbiased information about dental symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment options. Learn more about ToothIQ.

For dental professionals

We license videos to help dental professionals quickly deliver unbiased oral health information on prevention topics, dental diagnoses, and dental treatment options. Communicating with patients, giving them choices, as well as allowing them to be active participants in their dental healthcare decisions are keys to building enduring relationships founded on trust. Visit to learn more and to license videos.

Please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!