Solutions for Person Centered Healthcare


To transform healthcare, we need to return to healthcare’s primary components: health and care.

Person Centered Care looks at the whole person, not just the person while in the role of a patient. It is distinguished from the traditional patient centered model which views the patient as a passive recipient of medical intervention.

Person Centered Care focuses on prevention and personal responsibility, and is most successful when the person actively participates in their own medical treatment in close cooperation with their healthcare providers. This is now recognized as a key component of developing high quality healthcare.

Enabling Person Centered Care in Dentistry

Since 2001, Symbyos has built systems and components for oral health based on transparency which provide people information and choices, encourages communication and better doctor-person relationships, restores trust, and empowers people to be active participants in their healthcare:

  • Dental differential diagnoses
  • Informed consent
  • Treatment planning
  • Unbiased, ad-free, HON-certified (Health on the Net) public resources for health literacy (, a small subset of our Pro chair side system for dental professionals)
  • Web-based animated videos for explaining dental diagnoses and treatment options (for dental professionals, dental schools, and dental insurance companies)

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