Transparent Healthcare Systems and Solutions

At Symbyos, we believe that the key to transforming oral healthcare is to look at the whole system in an entirely new way – one that is based on transparency; one that provides patients information and choices; one that encourages communication, leading to better doctor-patient relationships; one that restores trust.

Since 2001, Symbyos has built systems and components which accomplish these goals and empower people to be active participants in their healthcare. Many of the solutions we have developed are not currently public-facing. Here are two that are:

Tools for better Doctor-Patient communication

Based on our research and the results of our online survey, we’ve found that patients are looking for dentists who are good communicators, who take the time to explain options and who involve the patient in treatment decisions.

Animated videos on the Web are a great communication tool, and a differentiator for dentists who take the time to use them with patients. We have a library of over 100 dental diagnosis, procedure, and prevention videos that dental professionals can license for use on the websites to foster better communication with patients. For more information, visit

Public unbiased oral health information

Our site,, was launched in 2008. Certified by the Health on the Net organization for providing trustworthy health information, people from all over the world visit to get unbiased, ad-free oral health information. is a subset of a complete patient education and communication system that is currently being updated and enhanced. is also one important way we gather the patient’s point of view: what information they are searching for, and what attributes they are looking for in dentists. This helps us gain valuable insights, different perspectives, and helps us improve our services. For more information, visit

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